Nothing's gonna change my world    (The Beatles; principle of uniqueness) .


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Should you ask me, whence these stories,
whence these legends and traditions?
I should tell you, I should answer,
`It is after Dr Einstein,
the musician, the sweet singer'

The pure AP is a theory of a single field -- the frame field; this is a geometrical dough to shape everything.
(Today's most popular theories and models (the Standard Model) have very many ingredients -- a la good pizza; we all like good pizza, but it seems that the fundamental theory has to be more simple in its design)

An essay: AP and new worldview (xps,0.8MB)

My thesis on AP is published by LAP and available through amazon (.de/com/uk)

see also(v1 in Russian, plus author's Summary; v2 in English) arXiv: gr-qc/0412130

AP papers and so

The presentation for QFTG-12, Tomsk (pps,3.8MB)
(Suppression of gravitational short waves in a 4-th order gravity)

On relevance of modified gravities (a bit old version rejected by the ZJ; arXiv: 0812.1344v3)
The abstract (pdf, 74kB) and the presentation (pps, 2.6MB) for the PIRT-11 conference.
Also you can see the full paper (arxiv): AP, modified gravity, and suppression of gravitational short waves.
Also see the presentation for the PIRT-09
or for QFTG-10 (pdf, 0.9MB) conferences

One more fitting (D=5) of Supernovae redshifts (arXiv: 0902.4513)

Nonlinear 5D field theory with eternal solutions and topological quanta Abstract (rus, pdf, 250kB) submitted to Sobolev-100 conference

Topological charges and quasi-charges in Absolute Parallelism . . . Abstract_arXiv (more fresh but still not finished version 3; 21 pages, no figures, 1 table, ~35 references)

Another arXiv-preprint includes the new item: 5D `plain' R^2 gravity (on very thick brane) and change in the Newton's Gravity Law:
1/r^2 goes to 1/r with distance (not with acceleration -- as it is in MOND). This can explain galaxy rotation curves, v^2 ~ rF -> const, without need for Dark Matter.

Similar paper submitted to GERG and referee�s report (false and frameless blah-blah)

Presentation (pdf, 850kB) for the PIRT-07 conference;
and the poster (pdf, 180kB) for DoG-07 conference

Co-singularities, Unique Equation, and T_{\mu\nu} . . Abs_70kB_pdf+link

Contra-singularities and unique D . . . Abstract_arXiv

Spherical symmetry and singularities . . . Abs_arXiv

Fenechka-model, Path Integrals, and AP
(Fen-1.3.1 - monoidal *-category ? . ) Rus-htm or Eng-pdf

(it seems that SUSY is a "false window" drawn for symmetry sake (or superwindow))

".. and PERHAPS, IF the field of gravity also has a quantum-mechanical analog (), then there will be a particle, a graviton, wich will have zero mass."     R P Feynman, FLF v1

   "But if ..! "        A S Pushkin      ((my translation))

List of my applications (all rejected) for a grant of RFBR:

1. Frame field equation free from singularities of solutions; symmetrical solutions and topological quasi-charges.
2. Symmetries of topological field models and differential forms of topological quasi-charges ( Rus).
3. Stochastic phenomenologies (cosmological; quantum; gravitational) for 5D frame field theory, free of singularities of solutions (in Russian).
4. Generally covariant 5D gravitation theory (instead of Dark Matter and Dark Energy) and the origin of the gravitation constant (in Russian).

Application for a grant of the John Templeton Foundation:
Introduction to the true fundamental field theory ...pdf .


New algorithm for the OD-3M detector -- a1-poster (pdf, 1.4MB) for SR-2012 (Novosibirsk)

Anisomagnetic quasi-achromats with small effective emittance, arXiv:0811.4254 ; additional zip with m-files used in calculations.

See also the a0-poster (pdf, 0.4MB) for SR-10 conference

Tri-crystal fixed exit monochromator, arXiv ; the other poster (a0, rus-pdf, 461kB; about emittance minimization) for SR-2008 conf. .

Compact Wave Strain-Friction reducers (0.3"�1.5" mini-goniometers) for X-ray optics PPT, 1,5MB (pres. on SR-2006 conf)

Dimex --   x-ray Detector for IMaging of EXplosions    (abstract) 
See also preprint      arXiv:0801.2206

SAXS facility with OD-3m detector (abstract for rsne, rus, pdf~70kB )

Fixed turn ("skew") DC-monochromator: arXiv and MEDSI-04 poster (421kB)

Picture with DC-monochromator JPG, 127kB

Lay-out of UHVacuum DC-monochromator (accepted for SRI-03 proceedings) PDF, 339kB

Monochromator poster - SR-02 (Eng.) PDF, 206kB

Picture with the poster JPG, 148kB


Inhomogeneous Oxygen diffusion in nanostructured perovskites

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